Implementing CAP

CAI provides Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) to health care providers, networks and systems to implement the CAP, ensuring that they have systems and processes in place to identify women in need of contraceptive services, ensure they have accurate and unbiased information about all FDA-approved contraceptive methods, employ client-centered contraceptive counseling, and provide/prescribe the contraceptive method of choice on the same-day of the visit.

TTA activities provided through CAP support health care teams in implementing the primary and secondary system drivers of access to contraception: leadership and a structured improvement process; trained and competent workforce; stocking and financing; workflow to identify and address contraceptive needs; evidence-based clinical practices; and activated clients. To support activities associated with each driver, the CAP includes a library of resources, assessment tools, job-aids, training resources and fact sheets. Visit the Resource Center to learn more.

The CAP uses a phased implementation approach to assist health centers integrate these evidence-based and best practices of contraceptive care into their healthcare delivery systems. Capacity building activities during these phases of exploration, planning, implementation, and sustainability include: in-person trainings; virtual learning through eLearning, webinars, video simulation, and motion-graphics; collaborative learning; and on-site and remote practice facilitation, coaching, consultation, and mentorship.

To see an example of how the CAP can be tailored for your unique setting, please visit CAP for Ohio. To learn more, please Contact Us or Request TA

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For tools and resources associated with each implementation focus area visit our resource center.